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SpacrSense is a line of low-cost, small-footprint indoor environmental sensors. The collected data is used to optimize energy performance of buildings, while maintaining tenant comfort. The sensors come with wireless hubs that form a mesh network for an easily expandable system.


Tenant Comfort

There is no doubt that when humans are comfortable in their work and living environments, they are happier and more productive. Achieving comfort for tenants is a matter of optimizing temperature and humidity (thermal comfort), brightness and colour temperature (visual comfort), and maintaining good air quality.

Energy Savings

A building's energy performance is also important to optimize for. By understanding how a space is used, dynamic adjustments can be made to cut back on unnecessary energy use. For example, lighting systems can sense the amount of available natural light, and HVAC systems can understand weather patterns.

Sensor Fusion

In most cases, monitoring a single data point is not very useful. For example, temperature and humidity are both needed to give insight into thermal comfort. All of our sensors collect multiple data points, and fuse the results together for more insight into how the data can be used by building systems.

Our Sensors

SpacrSense icon (thermometer)


An indoor environmental quality (IEQ) sensor monitors 7 data points: ambient temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds, an estimate of CO2, ambient light levels, and light colour temperature.

Occupancy sensor icon (people)


A motion detector that is simple, yet effective. They are typically used for lighting automation, desk occupancy monitoring, HVAC optimization, and any other application that requires an understanding of human presence/motion.

People count sensor icon (people)

People Count

An anonymous people counting system that's based on radar technology that produces a 3D point cloud representation of a space in order to locate, count the number of people, and determine their exact position/location in a room.

Pressure sensor icon (pressure gauge)


A differential pressure sensor that can be used to track pressure differences, for monitoring flow rates inside of ventilation ducts. This sensor is typically used in feedback systems for damper actuators, VAV boxes, and fan speed controllers.

Vibration sensor icon (vibrating device)


A simple vibration sensor that can be tuned to trigger on a specific intensity of vibration. It can be used to check for machine operation or faults, or any other vibration sensing application. This sensor can also be used in security applications.

Custom sensor icon


SpacrSense is an expandable sensor platform. If you have a specific sensing requirement that you don't see here, feel free to reach out to our team. We can often put together a custom implementation for your specific application.

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