Building Automation System


SpacrBAS is a lightweight building automation system that can augment an existing BAS, or operate as a standalone system. SpacrBAS makes use of BACnet protocols to control BACnet compatible building systems such as lighting and HVAC. SpacrBAS can also add BACnet features to non-BACnet controllable devices.


The Device

SpacrBAS is a physical hardware unit that is both a BACnet router and a cloud gateway combined into a single device. SpacrBAS is typically used to control air handling units, lighting relay panels, VAV boxes, heat pumps, and other BACnet compatible devices and systems.

Remote Monitoring

SpacrBAS securely and safely allows for remote control and monitoring through a cloud based implementation of the BACnet protocol. When paired with the SpacrApp users can monitor, control, and automate BACnet devices through an intuitive web based (cloud) interface.

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