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SpacrApp is a secure web based building IoT platform (or digital twin), where users can monitor, control and automate all of their connected building systems and sensors.

The Software



The simplest way to monitor your building is with an interactive graphical representation of the systems that are being monitored and/or controlled. This can be a building floor plan, an HVAC drawing/plan, electrical drawings, or any other image that represents the system in your building.

Analytics & 

It's not enough to just be able to see raw data, it's important to be able to also pull actionable insights from your data. SpacrApp presents time-series data points in an intuitive way and uses machine learning to analyze trends, and pull actionable insights across all of your building's collected data.

Controls & 

A true digital twin not only allows you to view a digital representation of your building, but also allows you to remotely control and automate connected systems. SpacrApp allows users to manually control connected building systems or define automation sequences based on collected sensor data.

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