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Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet or PoE describes any system that transmits both electricity and data through ethernet cables. PoE is commonly used for wireless access points, IP cameras and VoIP phones.


Spacr utilizes PoE to create a microgrid within a building a workspace. Ethernet cables allow for a plug-and-play system to be created, connecting power to your lights much more efficiently. The PoE system allows for lighting and other equipment to be connected and controlled from our app. 


BACnet is a communication protocol for Building Automation and Control (BAC) networks.  It functions to allow communication of building automation control systems such as HVAC, lighting and security systems. BACnet allows for these automation devices to exchange information regardless of their function. 

Spacr is designed to seamlessly integrate with a building’s existing BACnet system through the cloud. BACnet can be accessed remotely through the SpacrApp eliminating the need to be onsite or connected to the building’s LAN. 

DC vs AC Power

The large electrical grids that power cities run off of AC power but at each LED light or power source there is a conversion from AC to DC power that occurs. This conversion causes efficiency loss which leads to wasted power and wasted money. 

The Spacr system allows for this conversion to happen much more efficiently in one location: the Spacr box. Utilizing our DC microgrid in buildings or workspaces for your lighting or HVAC decreases the electrical bill and the building’s environmental impact. 


Desk space & occupancy

  • Detect the number of people in a space such as a boardroom, meeting room, office or kitchen​

  • Detect if a desk is in use ​

  • Allows for employees to find meeting spaces or a desk to work at in flex working spaces​

  • Allows for office managers to determine how spaces are being used, when and for how long to understand trends ​

  • Make changes to office spaces to suit the way your employees use desks and meeting rooms typically. Set timers for HVAC and lighting in those spaces to automatically turn off during down periods or install motion sensors for lighting in lower-use areas. 

Control lighting & HVAC

  • Set lights or HVAC to a custom timer to ensure energy is saved during down times and closing hours ​

  • Access light and HVAC controls remotely to control devices whenever needed ​

  • Motion-sensor ability to have lights turn on only when someone enters the space 

Quality of environment

  • Daylight Harvesting: IEQ sensor can detect the amount of natural light coming into the space so you can adjust LED lighting accordingly​

  • Colour temperature monitoring: Detect the tone of light in the space to best suit tenants or employees, and match circadian rhythms​

  • Automated HVAC: Control HVAC more precisely by monitoring temperature and humidity levels

Use Cases

The Technology

People Tracking

People tracking and contact tracing is becoming increasingly more important as we adjust to life and work following a global pandemic.  People tracking is the practice of monitoring human location, movement and sometimes behaviours in a space. 

Our sensors allow for anonymous tracking based on radar technology that produces a 3D point-cloud representation of the space. This provides information about the number of people in a space and their exact location and movement. 

Modular and Prefab Construction

Modular and prefab construction is becoming the new normal for property construction. We work with developers to provide these new builds with low-cost, efficient, and modular DC-powered lighting, HVAC systems, and smart sensors. 

Our modular solutions and systems allow for easy integration into the components of a prefab or modular design. 

DC LED Lighting

DC-based LED lighting is the future of commercial lighting solutions. DC outlasts and conserves more energy than standard fluorescent bulbs.

By converting to a DC grid and DC lights through Spacr a building can automatically reduce energy costs,

increase bulb life and decrease

environmental impact.