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Sensor Systems


How it Works

SpacrSense is a line of low-cost, small-footprint indoor environmental sensors. The sensors are designed to mimic the human sensory system, The collected data is used to optimize energy performance of buildings, while maintaining tenant comfort. The sensors are either wired or wireless, and come with wireless hubs that form a mesh network for an easily expandable system. No setup required, sensors come pre-configured, and work right out of the box.

Ensure Employee Comfort

Studies have shown that humidity levels, temperature and light quality all have significant impacts on employee productivity and comfort. People counting ensures employees are practicing social distancing to remain safe while maintaining their anonymity. 

Energy Savings

Using data collected, make adjustments to cut back on unnecessary energy use. Adjust lighting according to the amount of natural light entering the space or reduce unnecessary heating and cooling by monitoring temperature.

Tech Specs 

Our sensors are ready to use out of the box, wireless and have a battery life of 5-8 years.

The Features

The Sensors

IEQ Sensor

An indoor environmental quality (IEQ) sensor, that collects 7 data points:

  • Ambient temperature

  • Barometric pressure

  • Relative humidity

  • Volatile organic compounds (to compute an air quality index) 

  • An estimate of CO2 concentration 

  • Ambient light levels (for daylight harvesting)

  • Light colour temperature (for tunable light fixtures).

Occupancy Sensor

A simple, no-frills, PIR (passive infrared) motion detector. Designed for extremely long battery life (~3 years), in a compact package. Typically used for desk occupancy monitoring, automatic lighting control, and HVAC optimization.

People Count Sensor

A compact, anonymous people counting system based on radar technology that produces a 3D point cloud representation of a space in order to locate, count the
number of people, and determine their exact position/location in a room.

Pressure Sensor

A differential pressure sensor used to track pressure inside of HVAC ducts. This sensor can also be used to understand flow rate inside of the duct. This sensor is typically used in feedback systems for damper actuators, VAV boxes, and fan speed controllers.


A wireless hub that connects to WiFi (or LTE), and provides connectivity for all Spacr devices. When multiple hubs are deployed, they automatically form a self organizing and self-healing wireless mesh network.