We Reduce Operating Expenses in Commercial and Multifamily Buildings

Our DC Power Distribution System:

  • Reduces operating expenses in buildings.
  • Improves the energy efficiency of lighting, HVAC, and other building systems.

Buildings are Wasting Energy

Our team of engineers is passionate about solving this problem for your building


Reduce Operating Expenses with Argentum

We've been revolutionizing the way power is distributed and managed in buildings since 2015. We solve the problem of energy waste in commercial and industrial buildings, as well as manufacturing facilities.

How Buildings Waste Energy

Buildings today waste energy because power lines deliver Alternating Current (AC) power, while 80% of our devices actually need Direct Current (DC) power. For this reason, our DC powered devices (such as lighting and HVAC) must convert the AC power they get into the DC power they need.

The result? Your building systems and devices are wasting about 20% of the energy they convert in the form of heat. This wasted energy literally costs your lighting system (for example) an extra 20% in operating expenses.

The solution is to eliminate the need for conversions.

The Best Way to Reduce Operating Expenses

Your operational expenses can easily be reduced by making the simple switch to DC power distribution.

If you combine this system with intelligent controls for your facility's building management system, you can save even more.

We’ve developed a mixed high and low voltage DC power distribution system that dramatically saves on both installation and operating expenses. We've paired this system with intelligent building automation and controls, and wireless multi-sensor networks. Our system is also compatible with devices, like lighting and HVAC, that are not natively intelligent, and gives them smart capabilities.

Check out our case studies for examples of problems we've solved for our customers.

The Argentum Digital Current™ Power Distribution System

Your can save on energy for your facility with a solution that pays for itself by reducing operational expenses: The Argentum Digital Current™ Power Distribution System.

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January 2022

Argentum's CEO, Bolis Ibrahim takes part in a panel discussion at EBPowerCon called "Net Zero for the Rest of Us".

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January 2022

Argentum's CEO, Bolis Ibrahim is featured in the "Ask A Founder" segment of GRIT Magazine (A NEXT Canada Publication).  

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