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Toronto R&D Lab

44 Gerrard St. E, 
Toronto, On
M5B 1G3​

HQ - Ontario East

739 D'Arcy St., 

Cobourg, On
K9A 0H6

The All-In-One Smart Building Solution


A patented DC power distribution system containing control nodes for direct current LED lighting and brushless direct current (BLDC) electric motor based HVAC systems. 


Mesh networked wireless IoT multi-sensors for tracking space utilization, light quality and indoor air quality. 

Our sensors allow for maximum comfort level, continued commissioning and predictive maintenance. 


SpacrBAS is a physical hardware unit that is both a BACnet router and cloud gateway combined into a single device.​


A BACnet compatible, intuitive software platform, with the power to share information between siloed systems. 

Offering real-time analytics, data visualization and temperature/lighting controls.