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The All-In-One Smart Building Solution


The SpacrSwitch is a simple, wireless, programmable switch for lighting and motorized roller shades. For lighting It allows for turning lights on and off, and dimming lights from 0-100%. SpacrSwitch is compact and fits behind a standard decorator opening face-plate.
It can sit flush on the wall, so that no recess needs to be made in the drywall (no cutting), and no switch wiring is required, saving on electrical labour and material costs.
SpacrSwitch has a 3 year battery life.

The node devices connect each light through ethernet cable to the efficient DC power source. This is what makes up the DC microgrid. Utilizing Power Over Ethernet (PoE) allows for the LED lights to be transformed into smart devices, with the ability to be controlled and monitored remotely through the SpacrApp


A typical isolation transformer is a device that isolates electrical power in a magnetic field. The device is typically constructed with an iron core and electrically separate windings of wire. This type of electrical transformer only works for AC.
We have developed a similar device for DC (direct current) power. Instead of isolating the electrical power in a magnetic field, power is isolated in the electrical field of capacitors. This device is a first of its kind; not using any magnetic components for electrical isolation.

Digital DC Isolation Transformer


A patented DC power distribution system containing control nodes for direct current LED lighting and brushless direct current electric motor based HVAC systems. 

A wireless hub that connects to WiFi (or LTE), and provides connectivity for all Spacr devices. When multiple hubs are

deployed, they automatically form a self-organizing and self-healing wireless mesh network.

Spacr Hub


An indoor environmental quality (IEQ) sensor, that collects 7 data points including: ambient temperature,
barometric pressure, relative humidity, volatile organic compounds (to compute an air quality index), an estimate of CO2 concentration, ambient light levels (for daylight
harvesting), and light colour temperature (for tunable light fixtures).


A simple, no-frills, PIR (passive infrared) motion detector. Designed for extremely long battery life (~3 years), in a compact package. Typically used for desk occupancy monitoring, automatic lighting control, and HVAC optimization.


A differential pressure sensor used to track pressure inside of HVAC ducts. This sensor can also be used to understand
flow rate indside of the duct. This sensor is typically used in feedback systems for damper actuators, VAV boxes, and fan
speed controllers.

People Counting 

A compact, anonymous people counting system based on radar technology that produces a 3D point cloud representation of a space in order to locate, count the
number of people, and determine their exact position/location in a room.

The Sensors


Mesh networked wireless IoT multi-sensors for tracking space utilization, light quality and indoor air quality. 

Our sensors allow for maximum comfort level, continued commissioning and predictive maintenance. 

Utilize the App dashboard to control any device in your space that is connected to your DC microgrid. Devices can be set to a timer or controlled manually when needed, even when off site.

The digital twin is an interactive rendering of your space. The digital twin has the capacity to reflect all of your building systems and occupancy in real time.

Digital Twin Platform


A BACnet compatible, intuitive software platform, with the power to share information between siloed systems. 

Offering real-time analytics, data visualization and temperature/lighting controls. 

The Device 

SpacrBAS is a lightweight building automation system (BAS) that can augment an existing BAS, or operate as a standalone BAS. SpacrBAS makes use of the BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP protocols to control BACnet compatible building systems (i.e. Lighting and HVAC systems).
SpacrBAS is a physical hardware unit that is a BACnet router and cloud gateway combined into a single device.

The SpacrBAS allows for remote control and monitoring through a cloud based implementation of the BACnet protocol.When paired with the SpacrApp users can monitor, control, and automate BACnet devices over a custom web based interface.

SpacrBAS is typically used to control air handling units, lighting relay panels, VAV boxes, heat pumps, and other BACnet compatible fixtures.

Remote Capabilities 

BACnet is the universal control protocol for building and automation devices. Our system allows for you to extend your BACnet system beyond the building’s local network to enable remote monitoring and control.

Building Automation System


SpacrBAS is a physical hardware unit that is a BACnet router and cloud gateway combined into a single device.