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DC Power Distribution


How it Works

SpacrGrid is an installer friendly DC (direct current) power distribution system designed to reduce power consumption by an average of 20% for LED lighting, HVAC motors, and other DC or digital devices.

The SpacrGrid is made up of a network of intelligent DC load controllers called SpacrNodes. These nodes can be daisy chained to avoid home runs of cable back to the power source. The Nodes can automatically detect the type of load they are connected to (i.e. LED light or DC motor), and the load's electrical operating point (i.e. voltage and current).


LED Lighting

SpacrNode can control LED light fixtures - It can detect string voltage, turn the fixture on and off, dim the lights (PWM dimming), and change colour temperature (for compatible fixtures).


SpacrNode can provide power to DC motors for certain types of HVAC units (i.e. fan coil units). SpacrNode also
provides a 0-10V analog output for standard HVAC analog speed controls.

Tech Specs 

This DC micro-grid is based on CAT series Ethernet cables (i.e. CAT6) and RJ45 connections. The main power source can either be an IEEE 802.3 compatible PoE Ethernet switch (AKA power sourcing equipment or PSE), or a high efficiency DC power source such as an AC/DC converter, or directly from DC sources such as Solar PV.



The node devices connect each light through ethernet cable to the efficient DC power source. This is what makes up the DC microgrid. Utilizing Power Over Ethernet (PoE) allows for the LED lights to be transformed into smart devices, with the ability to be controlled and monitored remotely through the SpacrApp


The SpacrSwitch is a simple, wireless, programmable switch for lighting and motorized roller shades. For lighting It allows for turning lights on and off, and dimming lights from 0-100%. SpacrSwitch is compact and fits behind a standard decorator opening face-plate.
It can sit flush on the wall, so that no recess needs to be made in the drywall (no cutting), and no switch wiring is required, saving on electrical labour and material costs.

Digital DC Isolation Transformer

A typical isolation transformer is a device that isolates electrical power in a magnetic field. The device is typically constructed with an iron core and electrically separate windings of wire. This type of electrical transformer only works for AC.
We have developed a similar device for DC (direct current) power. Instead of isolating the electrical power in a magnetic field, power is isolated in the electrical field of capacitors. This device is a first of its kind; not using any magnetic components for electrical isolation.
This isolation transformer is high efficiency (~98%) and operates at high power.