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Digital Twin Software


How it Works

The SpacrApp is a web based IoT platform where users can monitor, control, and automate all of their Spacr devices, or compatible third party devices (after a software/API integration).

SpacrApp has an accessible API for 3rd party integrations.


Digital Twin

The SpacrApp shows a graphical representation of what systems are being
monitored and/or controlled. This can be a building floor plan, an HVAC drawing/plan, electrical drawings, or any other image that represents what the user is monitoring and controlling. The image is interactive, and users can interact with the different elements.

Analytics & Insights

Once users click on the desired element in the plan view, an analytics panel will appear showing data points, trends, and actionable insights from the collected data. This view has graphs that can be stacked to compare different datasets.

Controls & Automation

Once users click on an element in the plan view that can be controlled, a toolbar will appear that allows the user to manually control the load, or define automation sequences based on collected sensor data.