Cherishome Citadel Building

PoE and DC power distribution, Thermistors - temperature measurement, Motor control and automation, Wireless RF mesh network for IoT devices
Natural Gas Solenoid Valve - ASCO RedHat, Exhaust Fans/Blowers - Loren Cook 150SQN-B (x2), Motor, Driver/Controller - VARI-FLOW SIMPLIDRIVE (x2), 16x Gas powered heavy duty laundry Dryers
SpacrNode-I/O, SpacrApp - remote monitoring and control
Cherishome Living
Residential Communal Laundry Facility in their building called "The Citdel"
Toronto, Ontario
April 2021
CapEx: roughly 50%, OpEx: roughly 60%

Cherishome was founded in 1981 when its founder purchased an apartment building in North York, Ontario. Now they own over a dozen rental buildings in North America, and one of the buildings that they worked with Argentum on is called “The Citadel”. This case study will focus on the Citadel’s residential communal laundry room, and how Argentum solved a problem they were experiencing with their dryers. Cherishome is an international company that not only owns these properties and suites in Canada, but also owns nine communities and 2100 suites in the United States.


The client was experiencing concrete damage in stairwells caused by the dryer exhaust system blowing acidic moisture into them. Because of this, Cherishome decided they needed to redirect exhaust from the underground laundry rooms to the main floor. When they partnered with us here at Argentum they explained this, as well as that they needed to automatically control exhaust fan speeds based on the amount of dryers being used at the same time.

The ability to control fan speeds was necessary because without that ability:


Argentum decided that the best method to automatically detect if dryers are being overused would be to use thermistors to measure the exhaust’s air temperature, and send that information to our SpacrNode-I/O product, as well as the SpacrApp. These are two of the most common products that we implement for clients because of their powerful data collection and control software features.

With these products, we were able to implement a wireless mesh network to control and automate the central exhaust system for all dryers.

The main benefits that we provided to Cherishome by doing this are:

  • We ensured that the natural gas supply will automatically shut off in the case of an exhaust fan failure
  • We automated the exhaust fan so that its speed would be increased or decreased based on usage of the dryers. Now their system has Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)
  • This wireless mesh network spans from the laundry rooms to the natural gas supply location, saving Cherishome the cost of very long lengths of wire, and a very complicated installation process

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Implementing our wireless and programmable system with radio frequency (RF) links saved Cherishome 50% in capital expenditure costs, compared to if they had chosen a wired solution. As for their operational cost savings, our data collection software enabled us to understand that our solution saves Cherishome 10 - 15 kWh annually on energy consumption of motors. This means that their laundry rooms will run more efficiently, with a reduced carbon footprint.

See below for a breakdown of the savings: 

CapEx: 50% savings
OpEx: 60% savings

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