A building automation system (BAS) that allows you to control BACnet devices, like lighting and HVAC, through a secure cloud-based platform.

Spacrnode driver that does a DC to DC conversion, communicates with BACnet and creates a wireless mesh network
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Never use a remote desktop to manage lighting or HVAC again.

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Control both BACnet and non-BACnet building systems over the cloud.

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Energy Savings

More control over building systems (ex. lighting and HVAC) means more energy savings.

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Control building systems in real-time with an intuitive Digital Twin of your building.

The Argentum BAS System

SpacrBAS can be thought of as a language bridge so that SpacrApp can communicate with BACnet devices (ex. lighting and HVAC).

Our Digital Twin software (SpacrApp) allows you to control your building systems securely from the cloud in real-time, and SpacrBAS enables this level of control with lighting and HVAC.

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What is a Building Automation System (BAS)?

A building controller, which could also be referred to as a building automation system (BAS), is a system that communicates using the BACnet protocol to automate many of the tasks that are required to run HVAC, Lighting, and other building systems.

Our building controller is unique because it enables you to control and automate all of these devices remotely from a cloud-based platform, using industry standard security encryption. 

Additionally, we can call our BACnet building controller "smart" because it connects with our sensors to collect data. You can use this data to optimize the energy use of connected building systems so that they only use energy when they need to.

What is BACnet?

BACnet is a communications protocol, which could also be described as a computer language. Its purpose is to communicate with building, automation and control networks (hence, BACnet - Building Automation and Control Network). BACnet essentially allows equipment from different vendors to communicate with each other, enabling building systems to expand without worrying about new equipment being compatible with existing building systems.

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We'll work with you to identify the ROI for your building.

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We design and implement a custom solution to solve your unique building frustrations.

Improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

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Improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.


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