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We help reduce electricity demand in buildings. We achieve this through our modular DC (direct current) power distribution and management systems,  intelligent building automation and controls, and wireless multi-sensor networks.

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At Argentum we are revolutionizing the way power is distributed and managed in buildings.

We solve the problem of energy waste in buildings caused by the inefficient conversion of Alternating Current (or AC) power, in our walls, to Direct Current (or DC) power, which all of our 21st century digital devices, LED lighting, and modern air handling systems use. All this waste is costing you money. A typical LED system on AC power, loses about 20% of the electricity it converts for the lights, into waste heat. Literally costing your lighting system an extra 20% in operating costs. To solve this problem for the world, we’ve developed a mixed high and low voltage DC power distribution system that dramatically saves on both installation and operating costs.

If you have AC power running throughout your buildings, let’s talk!

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