Save on Energy with DC Power Distribution and Smart Controls

Reduce energy consumption in your lighting and HVAC systems by up to 40%.

Make the simple switch to an intelligent DC power distribution system.

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Your building's power system shouldn't be wasting energy, but it is.

  • About 25% of the energy consumed by LED lighting is wasted.
  • LED lights last about 5 years, but they can actually last up to 10.
  • About 20% of the energy consumed by HVAC systems is wasted.
  • You end up fixing things after they break, when your building system could alert you to problems before they occur.
Apartment buildings in Canada can save on energy with DC power distribution
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Facility Managers

Remotely monitor and control all connected building systems. Access real-time data on energy use and space utilization.

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Building Engineers

Make lighting and HVAC maintenance predictable. Easily retrofit your projects with energy saving, intelligent technology.

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Building Owners

Reduce energy costs, increase building value and improve tenant comfort. Easily transform buildings into intelligent assets.

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Your Buildings Should Save on Energy Costs

Most buildings today waste roughly 40% in energy costs simply due to outdated power systems for lighting, HVAC, and more. The fix? Our team of engineers can easily implement our future-proof solution for your building with Intelligent DC power distribution systems and smart building products.

We can implement this solution into new or existing building projects to save on energy, bringing your building closer to net zero emissions.



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Save on energy, instead of wasting it

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Diagnose the unique needs of your HVAC and lighting systems

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Easily Integrate with your building automation system and BACnet

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Be Modular, easy to upgrade, and modify

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Be More Cost Effective than Power over Ethernet (PoE)

An efficient and intelligent building system saves on energy. We take the guess work out of implementing a future- proof power distribution system with our all-in-one solution.

The All-in-One Energy Solution

Spacr is easy to install, and works seamlessly with your existing building systems (including lighting and HVAC).

It's made up of these 4 product categories that work together to intelligently save on energy.

Deliver Power


An easy-to-install modular DC (direct current) power distribution system that's simply better than PoE.

Collect Data


Wireless sensors that collect data in real-time to save energy and improve the performance of building systems.

Automate Devices


A Building Automation System (BAS) that allows you to remotely control any BACnet device through a cloud-based platform.

Bring It All Together


A user-friendly digital twin of your building that allows you to monitor, control, and automate all connected devices.


Start Here to Save on Energy

See how our solution saves on energy, book a free demo.

Book a Demo

See how our solution saves on energy, book a free demo.

We implement a solution that meets the unique needs of your building.

Get a Custom Solution

We implement a solution that meets the unique needs of your building.

Save up to 40% on energy consumption.

Enjoy Energy Savings

Save up to 40% on energy consumption.


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Why Do Buildings Waste So Much Energy?

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Did you know buildings with traditional power systems waste up to 40% of the energy they consume?

Here's why. When power is delivered to your building it arrives in the form of Alternating Current (AC).

The trouble is, 80% of a building's electrical loads need Direct Current (DC) power.

This means that in order for your building systems (such as lighting and HVAC) to work, power needs to be converted from the AC they get, into the DC power they need.

Every conversion wastes energy in the form of heat, so the more systems and devices your building powers, the more energy is wasted.

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We implement an intelligent DC power distribution system, which saves on energy by eliminating the need for multiple inefficient power conversions.

Our products convert power at the source so that electricity delivered to devices is the DC power they need, not the AC power they would have to convert.

With our solution, devices don't have to convert AC to DC power at an individual level, so energy is not wasted due to multiple, unnecessary, conversions.

This also means that devices such as LED lights can last up to twice as long, because the first point of failure is usually the converter.

And we take it one step further with intelligent automation, to make sure your building is saving as much energy as possible.

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January 2022

Argentum's CEO, Bolis Ibrahim takes part in a panel discussion at EBPowerCon called "Net Zero for the Rest of Us".

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January 2022

Argentum's CEO, Bolis Ibrahim is featured in the "Ask A Founder" segment of GRIT Magazine (A NEXT Canada Publication).  

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