We transform traditional real estate into highly Intelligent, and efficient assets.


We are trusted providers of: 

►Direct Current (DC) power distribution systems

►Building Automation Systems


Save your space up to 40% in energy costs.



Powerful building automation software (BAS).  Cloud enabled and BACnet compatible.

Offering real-time analytics, data visualization and temperature/lighting controls. Completely interoperable with an available API.


An award winning DC (direct current) power distribution system for LED lighting and HVAC systems. 

Compatible with PoE (Power over Ethernet) systems.

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Wireless IoT multi-sensors for tracking space utilization, and indoor environmental quality (IEQ), with 7 year battery life.

Our sensors enable maximum tenant comfort levels, continuous commissioning, and predictive maintenance.

Making a building "smart" shouldn't be rocket science. 

We've simplified smart building technology with a line products called "Spacr". 

We help you make any space smart.

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We work with our partners and clients to advance the state of the art in low voltage DC (direct current) power distribution, wireless sensor networks, and building automation systems.

Find out how your team can partner with Argentum. 

Mesh networked wireless IoT multi-sensors for tracking space utilization, light quality and indoor air quality.

Our sensors enable maximum tenant comfort levels, continuous commissioning and predictive maintenance. 

Track everything, including: temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, CO2, VOC's, LUX (brightness), colour temperature, and motion.

Our Sensors

Our sensors are designed to save you time, money and energy.

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